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Need a fresh perspective on your marketing? I’ve worked with hundreds of CEOs, CMOs, and entrepreneurs to solve problems and I’d be happy to share what I’ve learned in the process.

I can help you with:

  • Product-led growth
  • Optimizing user onboarding
  • Podcasting

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What Some of The People I've Helped Out Say

  • “Before you can get users HOOKED on your product, you have to first ensure they start using it. Product-Led Onboarding™ provides a detailed, practical, how-to guide to crafting the perfect onboarding experience.

    Nir Eyal –Bestselling author of Hooked and Indistractable

  • “Most growth problems start in the onboarding when people signup & leave. Product-Led Onboarding™️ is a must-read for everyone embarking on the critical activity of improving their onboarding. “

    Sean Ellis testimonial
    Sean Ellis –Founder of

  • “I needed to soundboard some ideas on growth strategies for my new business. One of the things we discussed was content creation. Ramli provided insight on his experience with video versus webinars. The rationale he shared was exactly what I was looking for!”

    Jason Perez
    Jason Perez – Principal at Red Bird Agency

  • “Ramli was very helpful and a great listener. I definitely have a couple really strong take-aways which are going to make me more successful in my product validation.”

    Ashley Asue – CEO at Glasshouse Inventory

  • “Ramli helped me by providing advice on how to build a double sided marketplace. His insights were incredibly useful and helped me define my next steps.”

    Bryn Jones – Co-founder at GrowSumo (Y Combinator S15)

  • “Ramli provided me with good questions to stir my information and help me come up with great insight and clarity.”

    Pat Garcia
    Pat Garcia – Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

  • “I had some ideas that I wanted to talk out regarding growth in my startup. Ramli understood my perspective and added new insight that helped me see things from a different angle. He’s the guy to talk to about growth.”

    Steven Santos
    Steven Santos – Co-founder and Growth at Airdo

  • “Ramli was very helpful in providing advice regarding user acquisition.”

    YishiFounder at Wikispective

  • “Ramli gave me some very valuable advice for my company. He helped me with simplifying my launch, where to focus my efforts and how to save on my costs!”

    Keenan Jones
    Keenan Jones – COO at Credit-Aid Software

  • “Ramli provided me with creative ideas and is a very numbers-oriented individual. He took the extra step of providing me with an intro, and I am grateful!”

    Andrei Ismail – Co-founder at

  • “Ramli was really helpful and gave me some good ideas of what I should be doing next. Great mentor and great advice.”

    Isaac Vigil – Founder at Near TokyoOn

  • “Ramli unmistakably has the startup/entrepreneur mindset, and I’m sure could apply that to almost any topic.”

    Rhys Arkins – Founder at Key Location

  • “I spoke with Ramli to talk about Growth Marketing for my company. He is very knowledgeable, and provided some great insights.”

    Grant Sernick
    Grant Sernick – CEO and Co-founder at LoyolyPRO

  • “Ramli asked key questions to better understand the issue with my startup, then provided great feedback and direction”

    Ramzi Zahra – Sydney, Australia

  • “Ramli was able to see the ‘big picture overview’ of my product idea and help refine what the value proposition and benefits are. He also helped me identify key questions for customer development.”

    Sunny Shao – Toronto, Canada

  • “Ramli was super friendly and passionate about discussing my startup, MusicBox. He asked insightful questions and offered advice that we’ll literally start using today.”

    Dave Marcello – Co-founder and CEO at MusicBox

  • “Ramli was very helpful in giving advice about the best strategy to grow my startup idea.”

    Wilbert Liu – Yogyakarta, Indonesia

  • “Ramli was superb at understanding where I am with my business and gave some excellent advice and tips on next steps.”

    Sharif Bouktila – CEO at Sapro Solutions / Edinburg, Ireland

  • “Ramli provided a lot of useful and encouraging feedback, and also gave direct advice on what to do next for my company.”

    Denis Gorbachev – CEO at Spire

  • “Ramli gave some very helpful pointers. Talented guy, great listener, and perceptive insights. I’d recommend him to anyone!”

    Lewis Lin
    Lewis Lin – Seattle, Washington

  • “Ramli helped identify new avenues to pursue as we work to launch our new product.”

    Dave Ramos
    Dave Ramos – New York

  • “Within a 15 minute conversation he had given me several different ways that would allow me to validate my idea and make money while doing it.”

    Brandon Vlaar
    Brandon Vlaar – Co-founder at Lending Loop

  • “Ramli expanded the growth possibilities of my current business by just giving me actionable next steps to follow and sharpened my vision. Thanks!”

    Till Carlos
    Till Carlos- CEO at Relodeck ApS

  • “Just talking to Ramli helped me find focus for my business. I usually want to go in every direction, but he grounded me and suggested some simple ways to test my product. He’s a real Lean guy. Listen to him, it’ll make a huge difference!”

    Violeta Nedkova – Co-founder at Amazemeet

  • “After weeks of thought and brain-storming we needed an objective yet professional mindset to help us with our growth problems; Ramli did that perfectly.”

    Ittay Hayut – Co-founder at Hoopo

  • “Ramli was very helpful in drilling down on the customer motivations for using the service, challenging and testing some assumptions. “

    Appu Ruby – Melbourne, Australia

  • “Ramli offered some excellent advise on making my startup leaner in the early phases. He was very enthusiastic, helpful and inspirational. I highly recommend talking with this guy!”

    James Barnby
    James Barnby –

  • “Ramli was very useful in helping me evaluate the alternatives that bring the most learning opportunities about the customer with the least effort. I definitely recommend talking with Ramli.”

    Renato Almeida
    Renato Almeida – Product Manager at Ultimate Software

  • “Ramli provided amazing advice that was completely new to me. He understood the position I was in and give me useful and practical steps I could take.”

    Marlon Misra
    Marlon Misra – Product Manager at The Climate Corporation

  • “Clarity is the ultimate growth hack. And that’s what Ramli helped me to get more of in our call.”

    Sunni Sukumar
    Sunni Sukumar – CMO at

  • “Ramli was super helpful. I laid out our issue, our options, and they advised on the best approach, as well as came up with a new, super viable option that we did not think about.”

    Jonathan Gillon
    Jonathan Gillon – Founder and CEO at Roost

  • “Ramli provided excellent marketing insights. It is clear that he is talented and knowledgeable marketer.”

    Jordan Brown
    Jordan Brown – Founding Partner at MedPilot Inc.

  • “Ramli offered and delivered great suggestions on how to acquire new users.”

    Anand Patel
    Anand Patel – Founder and CEO at InterviewDrill

  • “Ramli was very helpful in helping me to focus on the right channels and provided some insightful advice.”

    Toavina Andriamanerasoa – COO and Founder at

  • “Ramli helped me define what channels were available for growth, and which top three that I should focus on to maximize my intended outcomes.”

    Lars King
    Lars King – Founder at

  • “Ramli helped me talk through some challenges I was having at my fast-growing company and identified key areas to focus on.”

    Lana Lingbo
    Lana Lingbo – Marketing Director at Teikametrics

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